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I actually just hired Garcilee'M Designs. I saw your reviews, I went to his website, which is and I found out that all of his information is correct! I called the insurance company and he does have insurance! You can visit his website and you can click where it states "About" and you will find all the information you need. To anyone who is reading this, I would not believe one bad review. I searched and it seems like this... Read more

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Any review that is positive is a lie. These are his friends. I've left my name and number on several posts. If you want to know that I am real, call me. I'll tell you ALL about him. I checked his "references" Don't believe everyone that lies for their friends. Find your contractor from HOUZZ, Angie's List, Zoom Builder. Don't use unverified, independent reviews! Never pay anyone a hefty deposit matter HOW small he says he is! NEVER trust... Read more

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It is very sad the hate that you have for this man. I was reading all complaints and one thing they have in common is a phone number. I guess it is the same person posting as a different person. Should I call you Jsmith or Tracy Pinto. I am a client who would not stop his business bc of people like you. He is a good man who does amazing jobs! I hope you find peace in your heart bc wlfrom what I see, it is going to take a long time to recover.... Read more

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Murdock will not start a job if a client did not give permission!. With that being said, I would not believe this complaints. Every time I want to get something done in my home, I call Garcilee'm designs! He is a man of his word. He is a people's pleaser and would do anything to make a client very satisfied! He works from early mornings to late at night. Trust me, I know. I have proofs of pictures of all the great things he has done to two of my... Read more

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Garcileem Designs - Review in Home Construction and Repair category from Atlanta, Georgia
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YES PLEASE RUN FROM THIS ***!!! HE LIED ABOUT HAVING INSURANCE THEREFORE HE COULDN'T WORK ON MY SPACE. I ASKED HIM IF MY PROPERTY MANAGER WOULDN'T ALLOW HIM TO WORK ON THE SPACE DUE TO ANY REASON MAY I GEY MY $3750 back. He said yes but within 3 days of giving him the money it was a different story! The first question I asked when I was referred to him was Do you have insurance and licensed and he said yes I am a licensed general contractor and... Read more

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This guy and his CRAZY band of thieves DESTROYED my home all the while lying about a permit and a license. I am out thousands and will be SUING him. In the meantime, I'm warning you to RUN! He touched plumbing- all WrONG. His electrician was a joke and I have to repair EVERY single thing he EFFED up. I don't know what Flentrus Murdock does for a living, but it certainly is not construction! To top it off, my neighborhood had the FIRST break-in... Read more

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