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I ASKED HIM IF MY PROPERTY MANAGER WOULDN'T ALLOW HIM TO WORK ON THE SPACE DUE TO ANY REASON MAY I GEY MY $3750 back. He said yes but within 3 days of giving him the money it was a different story! The first question I asked when I was referred to him was Do you have insurance and licensed and he said yes I am a licensed general contractor and insured. COMPLETE LIE!!!

My property manager was going back and forth with him about the insurance documents he provided.. Guess what?! Those were fraudulent documents smh. And he said I was breaching the contract because I'm making him stop work (which I asked him not start work until property manager gave ok which he also lied saying he gave him the ok...

Like I don't speak with my property manager!?) All he did was put white paint on the walls and started epoxy on floor .. Both jobs weren't finished but he decided he still wanted to charge $2750 for that!! He had me to sign another contract after going back and forth with him... Giving me only $1650 of my money and stating I can't take legal action against him.

He was also supposed to give remaining paint and epoxy.. Last week he gave me $1000 and I had to wait an entire week for the other $650 .. But no paint and epoxy.. Which I know didn't cost $2100!

And why I couldn't get my money when it was less than a week of giving it to him? He slid the money under my door because he knew he couldn't face me...

Smh well that's what cons do! So I can be a witness to whomever needs me with your suing process!

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Ain't that the truth! He can't get it back. He never had one..DOG!

Concord, North Carolina, United States #1179544

File a police report in your county.

to Anonymous Tucker, Georgia, United States #1289957

So does he travel all over the US causing havoc? I see posts from several parts of the country.

I am from Tucker, Ga and he has done the same to me!

He breached our contract and left shoddy, unprofessional work. Please don't use him!

West Hollywood, California, United States #1179350

Call me! Tracy 678-475-9976

Acworth, Georgia, United States #1176556

I was actually searching for Garcilee'm Designs bc he did some work in the past for me and I was so satisfy with his clean work and honesty, he did not charge me arm and a leg. He gave me a huge discount that allowed me to save money.

I was searching for the company bc I lost his number and ran to this page that has me upset. Mr. Murdock is a nice man, he is honest and very helpful. I am an elderly man and he helped me so much while my renovation.

I do not approved of good people being put down. Mr. Murdock does not deserve this hideous post. I am here to support him and his company and his name should not be dragged for a mis understanding!

It is troubling to me bc this post does not sound like something he would do. I am an elderly man, if he wanted to rip anyone off, he could of easily ripped me off, a 75 year old man.

to Anonymous #1179901

For a 75 year old man, you sure do use a lot of lingo. This is Murdock trying to get his reputation back.

If you didn't rip people off and just give them what they paid for you would have so many complaints and lawsuits against your company. Honesty and integrity are not your strongest points.

Stockbridge, Georgia, United States #1176457

Garcilee'm Designs has done work for me in the past, 3 times to be exact! I keep calling the same company to come back and do work for my home bc they are reliable and an honest company!

Murdock is a very respectful man and was very patients with my needs. I am a Real Estate agent and I am very particular about who I bring to perform work in my home. He is a people's pleaser and will do anything to make a client happy! It is a shame that certain people have to put others down to build themselves up.

I am a witness of his amazing work. I truly hope this gets resolved bc he is a hard working person and his employees as well. It is also very sad that he is being treated like this. If he does go to court, I will be there to be his witness.

He is a good person and it is just shame that I am reading this!

I send my blessings and I pray that God protects him from evil people like this. "God does not like ugly."

to Anonymous #1311104

Well, you must be part of his family that has been posting the only positive responses about him and his company. He is a liar, scam artist, not a Christian as he tries to proclaim.

He left me with shoddy work and when I tried to get it corrected according to our contract, he refused. I am in the process of taking him to court to return part of the money I gave him.

to Anonymous #1311129

Exactly or it's probably him writing the good reviews. If you need me to witness for you I totally will!

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